NAVA Racing

Monday Night Racing

Racing Starts Monday January 8th @ Mt Southington

This is a recreational fun ski racing league open to all NAVA members who are at least eighteen years of age. All levels of skiers are encouraged to participate. The races take place at Mount Southington from early January to the end of February, conditions permitting. Registration takes place in the Ready Room above the area's lounge and starts at 6:00 pm, closes at 7:30, and racing starts at 7:45. Competition is usually concluded before 10:00, and is followed with pizza and refreshments provided by NAVA.  The format is simple to follow. There are two separate giant slalom courses, with women and men over 55 on one course, and men 55 and under on the other. Typically there are 50-75 racers on each course. Each racer gets two runs, with the best time of the night counting towards results.  There are a variety of competitions taking place at the same time. Genders are split into age groups. Each age group is broken up so that each group has a similar number of competitors. The top 10 competitors in each age division score points for their club, and for individual results. NAVA trophies are awarded at the end of the race season.Competitors Skill levels range from first year skiers to expert racers. The object of the racing program is FUN. The courses are set to promote recreational racing, meaning they are kept simple and safe, while at the same time allowing all competitors to push themselves to their personal limits. Ski Helmets are required. The price for a ticket and the racing is $31 each. If you compete in 4+ nights, you get 1/2 your money back! If conditions are unsafe due to weather, Mount Southington will make a decision by 2:00 pm. Skiers may call the mountain at 860-628-7669, extension 263 for race status. For more information on Monday Night Racing, please feel free to call Race Captains Dave Rogers at 203-206-9570 or Don Carver @ . New racers are strongly encouraged to call Dave prior to their first race so that he can help guide them through the registration process that is required. We learn by trying, and increase our skills by repetition.

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Registration closes at 7:30 pm
To confirm that the mountain is open and the race program will begin, call Mt. Southington after 2.00 pm that day at 860-628-0954 

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